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2We will post elegant and unique items on our Facebook page Monday night at 8PM, Wednesdays at 3PM, and Sundays at 1PM EST. We’ll list the price, sizes and quantities available, the rest is up to you!

3We will post a Winners List on this site and our Facebook Wall after the auction and send you an invoice the next day if you are a winner.


If you like the item we have posted and want to purchase it, you must QUICKLY comment on the picture and include the following details: SOLD, Quantity, E-mail

SOLD, 2,

I want one! Suzy Quinn

Only complete posts will be honored!

Bids are first come, first serve. Please don’t be upset if you do not win! There are limited quantities per size and just remember that we’ll have other auctions with more amazing items. Sometimes we have surprise daytime and weekend auctions!


1You refresh-refresh-refreshed, entered your bid at lightning speed, and WON! Congratulations!
Here’s how the new payment process works.

2We will post a Winners List on our BLOG and our FACEBOOK page after the auction
We then send you an invoice email with your private link.


Click on the “Pay Now” option to follow the private link to your item invoice. Here you can pay either through Paypal or by credit card. If your item has a personalization option, now is the time to enter it. We will not be able to add or update personalization after payment has been sent, so be sure to complete this step before you complete the payment!

4If you ever want to ship to a different location, be sure to double-check the shipping address at this time.
We will only be able to ship to the address listed at the time of payment.

Note that all items must be paid within 48 hours, then your private link will expire. The next bidder in line gets the item.

If you have any questions, please email us here. We would love to help!